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Tomatillo Salsa Verde Recipe |

Did it my way, with chipotle garlic marinade for the halved before oven roasting. Lots of homegrown chipotle and garlic.

My dark matter/ quantum theory may have just been reversed... You need massive amounts of dark matter and energy to hold all of the possibilities until observation, then one reality exists and the rest can disappear. Dark matter and energy would then be pervasive except in small patches where intelligence had observed reality. This makes more sense and even provides an intelligence density of observed universe...4%, which is the percent of the weight and energy of the universe we can account for with out dark matter.

Random Thoughts - Belonging and fitting in

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Never felt like I belonged?

(I am stuck in my own editing mode. I need to get out of editing and into drafting and creative flow. )

What are my wounds? I didn't make quads in the drumline and felt inferior to the other drummers, while at the same time feeling superior to them.

I always felt smart, but left out.

I knew I wasn't practicing as hard as they were, but felt

their eyes on me, ... except kind folks like Chris Kirk, Indris, and Rob-o. Funny that is the list of guys that played the instrument I wanted to play.

The snares always seemed conceited.

The bass drums were super kind, but not individualistic enough. Too much only getting to play a part of a larger whole.

The cymbals, were lowly, and where I ended up.

My lack of practice and/or ability to memorize the quad parts were my biggest weakness. Lazy.

I felt lazy.

What else could explain my failure?

It wasn't my brains, it wasn't my basic skills.

I could play.

I couple play a fast sextuplit, ... but I didn't have my parts memorized.

It was extra painful to be cut along with Mike Curry. He bugged me. He was ....what? crass? At the time I likely thought of him as dumb.


I was very judgemental about the intellect of others.

Yes, I do think I am smarter than you, and to now (I'm the present) hear that I don't come off as conceited is very pleasing. I know there are many people smarter than me, and I aspire to be surrounded by them.

Smarts is not just intellect though, but a desire to use it to understand the world around you, and people, and to strive towards the good.

Maybe it isn't so much how smart they are, but what they wanted to do with it. I think that my (former business partners) David and Jimmy were not focused on sports, or drama, or art, but on people and creating a business and the communnity that it created is a big draw to creating and leading WAKA..

I think where we diverge is Fun vs. good. I have chased fun a great deal of in my life, but at my heart I am chasing goodness, and flog myself when I chase fun at the expense of goodness, though I have followed that hunt to dark corners too many times. Now I am in a place where I am very cautious of the chase for fun, because I know it can derail my strive for the good.

How did I compensate for not belonging? I joined outliers, and created groups instead of joining them. 'never was a joiner'. Ski club, debate, the russian students. I was not athletic, and was concious of this. I was / felt fat, and not in control. I don't know what young wounds there are, but I really don't like being left out. Make sure I am in the loop, and communicated with.

What I see in others Problems... You don't know how to grow beyond yourself, or communicate your ideas with appropriate language. You are not confident in your business knowledge, but know you are on to something. You have identified a need in the market among customers like yourself or those around you. You are stuck.

Solution? Dynamic Horizons.

Underlying Magic... Combining brain science, InterPersonality Dynamics, Organizational dynamics and clinical psychology with 20 years experience in strategy, business and Product Development, Operational and leadership management, mentorship and needs analysis... .

As your ___ Johnny channels and magnifies the enthusiasm for your endeavor,clarifies purpose, challenges assumptions, guides discourse,