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What Does Cyberwar mean to you

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I was fortunate enough to receive a link to a Goldman Sach's investor brief that had one big take away for me. Cyberwar is a very real threat, which has me asking what does cyberwar really look like, and are traditional small businesses prepared to ensure business continuity when large SaaS infrastructure goes down or their data in the cloud is permanently corrupted.

Most people think about cyberwar and they think about cyber security, and yes, you should have good cyber security, but do some quick cyber security threat targeting excercises, and then put yourself downstream of those targets. How do you continue to operate your business, and personal financial and digital life if the systems you rely on are gone, down, broken, corrupted, or otherwise no longer reliable for months at a time.

Google is the lifeblood of 4 companies I lead in one way or another. I am am the lead admin for each of their Google Workspace domains, and though technically trained, I an an amateur relying on Google for my businesses to exist. I can and should sync me files and email onto a local drive. Google allows this for all Google Drive users, and I would imagine Microsoft360 and others do the same. How do you do this for Salesforce, or quickbooks online? Daily backups?

Is there an opportunity here as well, can we build a bridge to distributed systems that allow the endpoint user to truly own the information, and firewall it piece by piece?

For the short term, think about the information resources and communication channels you rely on every day,and how you can back them up, and how you would continue communications, transactions, and production with out them.

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